Gem Comes Home

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Gem: Therapy Dog In Training (seen here trying to bite his human's face off).

We can learn a lot from therapy dogs. Even little therapy dogs who have just begun their training. One minute, they're adorable and snuggly, the next minute they're trying to bite your face off!

Little Gem (registered name "Brown Topaz") is a nine week old Australian Labradoodle male (courtesy Lupine Lane Labradoodles in Klamath Falls). Gem's "human" has a vision that someday he will participate in small group Graceology classes. And by participate, we mean... stare at students with lots of love (and no biting their faces off). Gem has a way to go before he gets there.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine a God who thinks we are special, unique, and precious. We tend to get caught up in our mistakes, our messiness, our lack of talent or knowledge. But God's grace says we are 100% loved, no matter where we are in our grace journey. From start to finish, new believer or old, God thinks we're just plain adorable.

You are a gem.

You were chosen by God, for a unique mission. As you grow into your mission, feel free to make a few mistakes (or a thousand). God thinks you are precious.

The Lord God will save them on that day, because they are his people, and they will shine on his land like jewels in a crown (Zechariah 9:16, CEV).

Want to keep up with Gem's training adventures (which will undoubtably be full of mistakes and successes)? Please go to our contact page and subscribe.


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