Clumsy, Joyful Growth

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Gem’s approach to life in his new home has been FULL SPEED ahead. So far he’s been to visit the butcher, the post office, the grocery store, the library, and a couple of craft bazaars. He’s in a sensitive period (until 12 weeks) where it’s super important for him to learn good social behavior. Everywhere he goes, people smile and give him pats. Perfect!

Of all his activities, long walks on the farm are his favorite. He approaches these with great gusto. So much to see, experience and chew! His joy is contagious. Sometimes his eagerness to explore causes him some clumsiness. But as long as he’s safe, his handler is delighted to let him pick the pace.

You are a gem.

Your joy is contagious! When you are happy, God is happy right along with you. You are learning about life and progressing at just the right speed. Don’t think twice about a few stumbles or moments of clumsiness. These are all a natural part of the journey of growing in grace.

For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory (Psalm 149:4, NIV)

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