The Gift of Social Anxiety: Finding Rest in God's Grace

I've written a whole book about the things I'm not good at... eye contact, small talk, receiving judgment, and always coming up short of perfection.

It has taken me many years to learn the rules of social interaction, and yet it has always been impossible to get it right. As it turned out, that weakness has become my greatest asset.

My failure to be at ease with other people drove me relentlessly to find love and acceptance outside of my performance. Rest. Not personal growth, change, or more work.

Rest. In Grace. Through Jesus.

Winner: 2015 Oregon Christian Writer's Cascade Award  (for Unpublished Nonfiction)

Finalist: 2017 Oregon Christian Writer's Cascade Award (for Published Nonfiction)

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The Gift of Social Anxiety: Finding Rest in God's Grace provides modern research, practical tools, and grace-based encouragement for those prone to social anxiety... and all from a biblical worldview. 

Chapter 1: My Pitiful Story Chapter 8: The Top Twelve Rules
Chapter 2: What is Social Anxiety? Chapter 9: Safety Behaviors and PEP
Chapter 3: A Floppy Foundation Chapter 10: My Strange Thoughts and Behavior
Chapter 4: The Brain: Welcome to the Circus Chapter 11: Committed (and Not to a Mental Institution)
Chapter 5: The Autism-Sensory Connection Chapter 12: More in the Tool Box
Chapter 6: Pills, Plants, and Food Chapter 13: Extra Mini-Gifts
Chapter 7: A Brand New Me (and You)  

If you are local (Klamath county, Oregon) and can't afford to buy a copy, just contact me and I'll loan you mine. ❤️

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